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will be added to your phone bill. standard messaging and data rates may apply. washington with a 61-38 lead over california. >> marques: good activity on defense by the huskies. nice job, quincy pondexter raising the high ball screen. terrific rotation on the pass to the corner to jerome randle. >> steve: theo robertson. >> marques: got to stay down. first half, pondexter got a foul jumping in the air. >> steve: theo misses the easy layup. this has just been a miserable afternoon for the cal bears. outside of patrick christopher, the rest of the team has gone 3 for 16 from the floor. >> marques: they're showing scrap and hustle on the inside. if you're theo robertson, you've got to make that shot on the second attempt. bodies on the ground pursuing the basketball. possession went the callaway. >> steve: pondexter and overton lead. looked like suggs may have grabbed christopher as he went by a screen. isaiah thomas is the guy doing most of the complaining. i thought they called one against scott suggs. >> marques: obvious call. you can't grab a guy's jersey. suggs did defensively. an intentional
in massachusetts, too. tonight on "washington week." >> to the people of haiti we say clearly and with conviction you will not be foresaken, you will not be forgotten. in this, your greatest need, america stands with you. gwen: a terrible earthquake. >> this is a major catastrophe for haiti. gwen: a devastating death toll. >> we need more people down here! gwen: uncertainty everywhere. >> the most urgent thing we can do now is get them through the next week to 10 days. we have to find the living and the dead and we have to take care of both. gwen: can haiti, plagued by decades of deprivation, survive? in washington, the president talks tough to bankers paying themselves big bonuses. >> we want our money back and we're going to get it. gwen: but will taxpayers still pay in the end? and in massachusetts, a potential political upset that could undo ted kennedy's legacy. covering the week, helene cooper of "the new york times," doyle mcmanus of "the los angeles times," deborah solomon of "the wall street journal," and dan balz of "the washington post." plus, a special report from abc's martha raddatz
. they'll play the next two in washington. last year, chicago won three out of four but if there is one wizards you can count on placed on his play recently, that's antawn jamison, the subject of our -- >> he's not your proet toep power forward -- -- prototype power forward. he's the team's leader and co- captain. antawn jamison's been a model of consistency both to on and off the court. he's led the teaming in scoring over the last two sense. over the last ten games, he's taken the level of play higher. his shooting around right around 50% both from the field and 3-point range. he's had to log more minutes because of injuries and play lack of play from other. he's been even more productive, his work before the orlando game, about being role models and making the city proud were inspirational and needed to be said. he spoke from the heart. and followed it up with one of those antawn performances, 28 points, 11 rebounds in a wizard victory. look all you fans following "the wiz" ardz, it's not fun seeing the team struggle and lose but it's a pleasure to watch jamison play the game, especi
's nbc 4 health and fitness expo will be officially under way. here is a live look at the washington convention center, packed with exhibits, family friendly fun and life-saving information. lelths head o let's head out to news 4's doreen gentzler. good morning, doreen. >> reporter: good morning kimberly. we have theme work. this is our 17th year. i guess it is time we got our own theme music. we are ready to cut the ribbon and get underway with the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. this year will be big and better than ever. before we start, i want to introduce a few very special guest. congressman woman eleanor holmes norton, we are glad you are here. >> i thought i would introduce my life bill, lifetime improvement in food and exercise, because you are doing something for us trying to get the federal government into it. we have got 30% obesity in this country. thank you for this expo with lots of people out there lined up to get in. >> lots of people and lots of information about healthy eating and how to stay healthy. >> let's help ourselves while the health care bill is on too, ple
edition of "the kudlow report," we'll review the washington assault on stocks on wall street and go money and politics. political favoritism, crony capitalism and their negative effect of stocks which suffered in the new year. >>> but an earthquake may be forming in massachusetts where republican scott brown's tax cutting opposition to obama care could pull off one of the greatest political upsets in history against democrat, martha coakley since the truman beat dewey. that could stop the tax and spend virus including the obama care's latest bribe to exempt big labor from the so-called "cadillac insurance tax" until 2018 while the rest of us stiffs have to pay for it. in an era of obama political favoritism this is a new low. fasten your seatbelts, everybody. "the kudlow report" begins right how.ç good evening. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back. we believe that free market capital similar still the best path to prosperity. tonight we'll review the washington assault on stocks and wall street. tonight's money politics message, no wonder stocks had their worst week in the new year. the index
weekend weather forecast coming up. >>> a new twist tonight on a scandal that has engulfed washington wizards star gilbert arenas. we're hearing from arenas and the wizards of following his guilty plea on felony gun charges. >> gilbert arenas will have to wait until about march 26 to learn whether or not he will be spending any time in jail. there was a brief hearing in d.c. superior court today where he entered a guilty plea of charges of transporting an unlicensed gun in the district. he is committed to bringing four guns to the verizon center and storing them in his locker. december 21, people come out on what he called a practical joke on teammate javaris crittenton. arenas will be sentenced in march. the wizards released a statement -- we will have more on gilbert arenas' day in court, and later in sports how his teammates did it without him tonight in chicago. >>> coming up, the growing death toll and problems for other survivors with questions about safety. our live team coverage continues with a live report from port-au- prince. first, a big development and recovery closer to
all-star and the friday lightning round. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm jim angle in for bret baier. some 10,000 american troops expected in earthquake ravaged haiti by monday as the world mobilizes a mantarian crusade for the living and tries to dig out the dead. correspondent steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. good evening, steve. >> jim, when all the buildings has been knocked down, use the street for everything, for a home, bathroom and for some it's become a cemetery. we are seeing a rescue operation right here on the side of the road. it's ordinary nations using their own bear hands to try to pull people of the of the rubble. in this case, for this woman, it looks like they've gotten here too late. the basics here still aren't getting done like picking up bodies. a corpse in the road covered with flies. no one has moved the corpse but they set up a number of stones as a roadblock to keep the cars from running over the dead bodies. >> a lot of people are trying to get word to our mother. we're fine. not all of us, but we're fine. we left the house
, many of them the same companies being vilified in the press and washington as nothing, but greedy grubs. is that fair? hi everybody i'm david asman, welcome to forbes on fox here with us today steve forbes, victoria barrett, rich michael, and neil wineberg and quentin hardy. steven is it time to give credit where credit is due to the companies? >> i think the companies are doing right and it's prer and i hope we make use of companies that are good at logistics, fed ex, wal-mart, handling large supplies quickly. don't expect thanks for it, just as we did not get thanks for what the military did in the tsunami five years ago in the pacific, did a fantastic job and didn't help the image of the united states. it's right to do so-and-so we do it. >> we're the most generous, our private companies and corporations go out of their way to help the poor and devastated. >> and i'm glad they're doing so once again, you know, david, normally i am not for corporate charitable giving because after all, shareholders own a company and shareholders are rarely consulted on corporate giving, but this is a
. >> reporter: mcdonnell briefly took aim at washington. >> the founders recognize government closest to the people governs best. >> reporter: supporters say they are confident mcdonnell can tackle the challenges ahead. >> he is a very, very intelligent person and has wonderful people working for him. i think he is going to tackle the task before him whole-heartedly. >> he is what you would call a classical conservative. he is not a right-winger by any means. he is a very pragmatic guy. >> reporter: inaugural festivities include a parade, inaugural ball and open house at the governor's mansion tomorrow. governor mcdonnell digs into the tough work of confronting a $4 billion budget deficit. julie carey, news4, richmond, virginia. >>> still ahead on our broadcast tonight, continuing coverage of the situation in haiti, including a glimmer of hope from a little girl who survived alone under a collapsed building for three days. we'll tell but that story. also, we are getting a first hand look at what fairfaxearch and rescue crews are doing on the ground. >> i'm kimberly suiters at the wash
and due process. 2005 was a different time than now. that was a big deal. i was in washington at the time as a capitol hill correspondent and i remember the stir it caused in washington. defense secretary donald rumsfeld called the report reprehensible. dick cheney said he was offended. . called it absurd. the washington post editorialized that, quote, lately the organization has tended to save its most vitriolic condemnation not for dictators but for the united states and. it was a clear attempt to try to discredit this organization. i have followed washington politics long enough to know that when top officials attack you instead of ignoring you it is because they are scared of you. the white house's attack on the group's credibility for me at that time was a clear affirmation of amnesty international integrity and power. we are talking about look bush administration but it is important to note that president obama signed the national defense authorization act that endorses another attempt by the u.s. government to conduct military commission trial. amnesty international and irene khan
partners in rebuilding the devastated country. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," a discussion on the obama administration's policy on jobs and the economy. also, a look at how poorly equipped haiti is for natural disasters with a new york born councilman. olin that, a special election in massachusetts to fill the late senator edward kennedy's see. -- senator kennedy's seat. >> this week on "the communicators," a discussion on establishing high-speed internet in the united states. our guest is larry cohen. this program was taped in december 2009. >> this week, the president of the communication workers of america, larry cohen. also, the senior editor with telecommunications reports. briefly give us a snapshot of the communication workers of america. >> 700,000 women and men at work in the communications field. it could be broadcasting or journalism. we also have several hundred thousand retired members to remain active in many ways. we are in every state, with 10,000 in canada, including the canadian broadcasting company. >> what companies do they work for? >> about 1000 differ
? well, they may be short a key vote come tuesday. caroline shively has the latest from washington. >> hi. democrats came back to capitol hill this week and went straight into marathon negotiation sessions on the health care bill. adding to the pressure is the massachusetts senate race that you just heard about. democrat martha coakley versus republican scott brown. if brown win, democrats lose their filibuster proof 60 vote majority. house speaker nancy pelosi says it's not changing the time line. >> it's about the assurance that they will have that we have found our common ground and that this legislation will pass. so we're on our path that we have always been on on this from a time standpoint. >> reporter: democrats have been in negotiations on capitol hill for much of this week. they were at the white house yesterday morning until 1:30 and back at it yesterday afternoon. another deal cut thursday would exempt union workers from a 40% tax on so-called cadillac health insurance plans for five years. it got unions on board and likely many democrats in the house. but it opens up a $60 bi
. roz? >> reporter: shawn, the archdiocese of washington is home to a rather large haitian community, many of whom attend church here in silver spring. tonight hundreds came out to pray for both the victims and their rescuers and to say to haitians here at home, you are not alone. the words may be unfamiliar but pain is a universal language. the terrible devastation in haiti a reminder of just how fragile like can be. >> things can happen in a second. your life can change in a minute. so i'm here just to support my country and to pray for the people and to see how i can help them. >> reporter: some in this congregation still don't know if their families are safe. >> one of my assistants didn't find out until late yesterday afternoon whether his mother was all right. that's a terrible, terrible situation to be in, but it's true of many of the people here in this church. >> reporter: after days of watching the heartbreaking images, many here say they just wanted to do something coming out to support their fellow haitian members seemed the right thing to do. >> [ indiscernible ] we keep
diplomats in washington since yesterday's launch with the d.c.m.? >> not yet, no. >> do you plan to call anybody in? sorry. >> well, we will continue to talk to china on this issue. it touches on things that are very important to us, internet freedom, network security, and human rights. and, you know, we will -- as the secretary said earlier this week, this incident raises serious questions, and we have and will continue to seek answers from china. and we will have further conversations with china, but i'm not aware that there have been any since yesterday. >> you said that there will be a march. will it be a protest or -- >> we will have further discussions with china. when those occur, we'll let you know. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] we will >> logon to our website for more information from haiti. that and more at c-span.org. the house democratic caucus met today for a summit at the capitol. afterward, members of the leadership spoke with reporters to discuss their ideas for job creation as low as the s
by public affairs television >> moyers: welcome to the journal. there were hands in the air in washington this week, but it wasn't a stickup. the new financial crisis inquiry commission, appointed by congress to find out how america got rolled, began hearings this week. these four are not the victims of one of the greatest bank heists in history; they're the perpetrators, bankers so sleek and crafty, they got off with the loot in broad daylight, and then sweet-talked the government into taxing us to pay it back. watching that scene on the opening day of the hearings, it was hard enough to believe that almost a year has passed since barack obama raised his hand, too, taking the oath of office to become our 44th president. even harder to remember what america looked like before obama, because we've also been robbed of memory, assaulted by what the nobel laureate czeslaw milosz described as a "fantastic proliferation of mass media." we live in a time "characterized by a refusal to remember." inconvenient facts simply disappear down the memory hole, as in george orwell's novel, "1984." presid
-the-scenes health care legislation in washington. >> democrats may need to announce a deal before massachusetts certifies its results in two weeks. from washington, i'm tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> first a look at events going on around town this weekend. (announcer) itchy dry scalp? get new selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch fighters target scalp itch while five moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. >> businesses in baltimore are cheering on the ravens as they hit the road to miami. yesterday companies participated in the purple friday corporate challenge. the goal is to display your best ravens spirit, and the winner was constellation energy. ravens fans across the area also showing their spirit. as you know, the team will play in the second round of the playoffs. more on how fans celebrated purple friday. >> fans gathered early for a little ravens pep rally. >> this is what we're doing. >> we're going to beat the pants off that team from indianapolis. >> when the drum rollers showed up it was the perfect combination to get fans fired up about
american panel. author of the best selling book the political fix, doug shoen. washington editor for fortune magazine, columnist for "time" magazine nina easton. he's a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board and writer of the best of the web column a really short column, james taranto is with us. longer column than is being written. i read it and i love it. guys thanks for being with us. before i show this latest debacle by coakley in massachusetts. general thoughts, doug you're the democrat, democrats struggling to save massachusetts? >> sean, everything is moving against coakley. that's not ideology that's analysis. the energy is with the republican brown. the key are the independents. they're breaking two or three to one for brown, about 40 to 50% of the registrants in massachusetts. the energy and enthusiasm is with the opponents of obama. >> sean: why? >> health care is unpopular. the obama agenda is unpopular. the tea party movement is energized. all the enthusiasm that in 2008 that was with the democrats is now the with the republicans. >> sean: nina? >> i an
in the "washington post". he even says everyone is entitled to opinions not his own facts. he says you are dead wrong. >> i agree, facts are important. the fact of the matter is this administration last february put out a budget plan that said they wanted to double the national debt in five years and nearly triple it in 10. during george bush's years in office the annual deficits ran 2% of gdp, 1.7 of gdp since world war ii. this administration is planning using optimistic projections about economic growth projecting deficient it iss on their watch will run 5.1% of gdp. i wrote 200 words for the "washington post" on the democrats in congress. mr. axelrod while all these things are swirling around in the world proceeds to write 700 words attacking me on a subject i barely touched on which was deficit and spending which i talked about congress not the administration. i'm going to be responding to mr. axelrod and setting the record straight by relying on the facts on what this administration has been doing on spending, deficit and tarp. watch for the pages next week. >> greta: if says your writing was a
. now more than ever, it is important to washington listened to the american people and their priorities. feel free to make a comment. do not be self-conscious about the additional presence here. we will give you a microphone. we look forward to your remarks. if there is a questionnaire, we will take our best shot at it. let me make a couple of remarks on an issue that is breaking as we speak across the country. despite the fact i just returned from a trip to afghanistan and i am happy to elaborate on what we saw over there, i know there is a report coming up to date about the incident that took place and christmas day in detroit. i would like to focus on health care reform and on legislation moving behind closed doors on capitol hill as we speak today. first, let me say emphatically -- and i know i speak on behalf of my other republican colleagues in indiana and throughout the congress. we need health care reform in this country that lowers the cost of health insurance and health care for the american people in the long term. inaction is not an option. i believe we should scrap the curr
heads to haiti. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews. in washington leading off tonight race against death, people need water sooner than they need food n hot climates they need it faster. for that basic human reason the situation in haiti is growing more tense and desperate as the hours go by, as aid organizations struggle to distribute water, food and supplies to the injured and displaced. 2 million to 3 million people are in dire need of help right now. looters have begun taking to the streets in fear of widespread violence is gripping the city at port-au-prince. the longer it takes for aid to get to the people the worse the situation is likely to become. haitian government workers have buried some 7,000 corporations in mass graves, and hundreds of bodies are strewn along roadsides and outside the city morgue. no one can really be sure what the death toll is already. the panamerican health organization now estimates it could be as high as 100,000 but that's just the latest estimate. u.s. military cargo planes arrived at the airport today, more than 100 paratro
you for what you are doing, washington, d.c. i do not know how you're doing it. do you ever feel like a voice lost in the wilderness? i have written you a lot of letters. i am sorry i had to do that. i cannot believe what is going on. there are a lot of angry people in this country. i travel all over the country. i have a motor home and i am retired and i talk to people. there are a lot of angry people out there. in any event, thank you for answering my letters. i wrote you a letter asking how many federal prisons you think we will have to have when people do not pay the premium if the health care gets passed and go to jail. there will be a lot of people in jail. on a humorous note, i wrote you a letter asking you to run nancy pelosi out of town on a rail. how come you have not done that? [applause] i do not expect an answer to that. that is just a little humorous note. >> just so you'll know, i read every letter we get. it takes a lot of time. that is why it takes time to get back to you. i have people reading letters every day, but i want to read them. they did not get elected, i di
washington. 31 degrees in germantown. 29, falls church. clouds back this afternoon. anywhere from northern new england and that's not bad for this time of year. we want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. who is this little? >> emma. she is months. >> hi! babies love the mikes. let's go back inside to amy. >> here is a road trip you don't hear about every day. seven women from all walks of decided the to ski through antarctica. 560 miles over 38 days in subzero temperatures. this morning, three of them are here in the heldative comfort of our studio to tell us about it. felicity, stephaniend era. felicity, you cofounded this project. 800 women applied to be a part and only seven made the trek. me what the purpose was and why was it so important some. >> i'm lucky enough to be a woman who has made my own choices and we are in the 21st century and a lot of women don't have that option. either through cultural, family or economic pressures. it was important to put together a group of women to highlight what women can and are doing in all areas of modern life and all kinds of industries. stephan
so much for a preview. kelly? >> a lot of people in washington are working this weekend to dot the i's and cross the t's on the health care reform bill, but some of the focus has moved to massachusetts. we just heard molly and jamie talking about it. a lot going on there, where a democrat and republican are in the heated race for the late ted kennedy's senate seat. a seat that could actually determine the outcome of health care. david trucker is a writer with role call and joins us live from washington. david, good to see you. when you talk about health care reform, who would have ever thought that it would come down to, or at least apparently coming down to what takes place in massachusetts, so much so that the president of the united states is going there to actually campaign on behalf of coakley to try to make sure she wins and the reason, of course, is that if she loses, then they lose 60 votes in the senate. tell me about all this, please. >> well, it's an interesting con influence of events. democratic leaders have been working all week at the white house where they're locked a
on the ground. haiti's ambassador to the united states visited a relief hearing in washington today and passed on a request. send body bags. >> body bags because the way they are disposing of some of the corpses is very undigfy anied. >> shepard: witnesses tell of make shift graves popping up all over the capital and they are not being documented and therefore their friends and family members no one will know exactly who died, where or weather. survivors struggle to bury the dead. medical teams and relief workers fighting to keep the living alive. steve harrigan live in port-au-prince this evening. earlier today you said you are starting to see more hopeful signs. >> certainly, shep, we have seen a bigger international presence on o the streets and u.n. convoys and international red cross but really tough going for the people especially here in port-au-prince. when you knock down all the buildings you have to do everything in the street and for many the street has become the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and for some even the cemetery. we are seeing people leave the city in hope of mo
a wall which was my practical, and the children's area, baltimore-washington. now they changed the whole airport because they don't have the children's area. this is in the food court. evil who like to be still see it and it's on the if you haven't grease or catchup coming off, i guess you can just wipe it. which reminded that you really have beautiful ceramic tiles in his library. it's a beautiful library. congratulations. [applause] >> so this is 1989. this is a student. a student demonstration which happened on the 24th of november, and the police -- it was a moment when it looked like the police could kill people and then they didn't kill people. the things started to unfold so this was the moment when the wall -- i took my wife to be, my wife now, was microphone, and i brought her to prague. and said prague is a very quiet in the fall and we can take a walk in the old town. and we came from new york and it was like this warm evening and we walked up the street and we see these people walking with suitcases and teddy bears. looks like from some movie. we come to the park and were mor
to this conversation. he has something to say to all of you. mr. ambassador, go ahead. >> since i got to washington in 2004, the problem of the adoptees, and adopted has come to my office many times. and i have done a lot of things with the minister of the interior to hasten the process. and one thing that we have done recently after the earthquake, those who have finished the process, and who have visas, but did not have haitian passports, and that's the only thing that is holding them back. i have ordered the unit passport in washington to issue passports for them so they can travel. if you can get all the papers to us in washington, we will issue the passports because after you finish the whole process of having an american visa and approve it and they approve it, very often the last hurdle is the haitian passport. and for people who do not know th that, passports for haitians are issued in two places. they're issued in port-au-prince, haiti, for all haitians inside the country. once a haitian leaves haiti, even going next door to the dominican republic, their passports are issued from washingto
ne news. >> brian: this is a fox news alert. brian wilson in washington. those pictures are coming from richmond, virginia, where bob mcdonald is about to become the governor of that state. the first republican governor in a while. you were looking at the south portico of the state capital of richmond, virginia. the 75th governor. his a top spot in virginia in years. hatians are trying to figure out what to do with the dead as the government fears as many as 200,000 people, 200,000 people may have been killed. the red cross puts the official death toll between 40 and 50,000. the truth probably somewhere in between. secretary of state hillary clinton is due to arrive in the earthquake ravaged nation within the hour and though aid is pouring in, enormous obstacles remain, getting people that aid. orlando salinas is at the airport where it's still shaking in port-au-prince. orlie what can you tell us? >> want to tell you something, just after about 11:07 this pontiac, eastern time, there was another after shock in here in port-au-prince and other small suburbs. one of our camera crew
this is the logic we have been trying for years. i have personally been in washington demonstrating as a journalist. when things get bad, you have to go on the street with the people. i was there twice. it is kind of a victory. i think the administration has done the right they and i hope mr. obama will do the right thing. i am so pleased with what the american government has done so far. i have friends of mine because of the prisons of the united states, some of them have been saved. we're grateful for that. we're grateful for everything the u.s. is doing at this point. host: as far as giving out information to florida. how'd you get information? caller: we have created our own system. first, we have a government corresponded in haiti. i spoke with him today for two minutes and the phone cut off. since then, have not been able to reach him. everyone was looking to find a family in different areas. we asked them to call in. they call in and tell us certain areas are ok. for people in those areas, but are not 100% to ensure but that gives them hope. there was a station in haiti that was able to broa
but collectively they game together to form this union and they were led by, of course, george, washington, so he has got to rise to the top. >> so she is so nonspecific and you ask her what founding fathers and she goes i like them all. i don't think that is good. >> she went on to -- ai grow with you but went on to say george, washington, which i think she kind of in a way understands washington because i think she is kind of a reluctant servant. i think she walk inside this -- >> bill: could it be that she couldn't think of any founding fathers? >> could be but i don't think it was. >> bill: because that is the criticism of her. >> here is the thing with sarah palin. she has shields up like you couldn't believe and i until yu get the shields down on her i don't think you will see sarah palin be able to answer enough questions about her. the second thing is i decided that sarah palin cannot be president of the united states until i see her able to eviscerate somebody like you. >> bill: but nobody can. that means we would go presidentless. we would never have a president. >> see she is playing d
will be dynamite, like acme dynamite. you know what? washington's in no mood for great earnings from these clowns so there is no incentives for these banks to blow out the numbers. they won't want to tell a good story. all that will do is make higher taxes for them. would you tell a good story and then get taxed? no. tell a bad story and avoid the tax. these companies know what's good for them. i suspect we'll see a subdued group and subdued reaction. funny thing about these bankers. bankers don't favor being drawn in quarters. they don't seem to like being dangled from meat hooks. let alone being embarrassed in front of godfather true style committees. i don't feel that way about tech. i think intel actually had a supercalifragilistic expealadocious quarter. which is different. they had a i love you, you love me quarter. and my charitable trust, action alerts plus.com, bought a ton. i think when we see from ibm on tuesday, that's always an easy one, ibm on tuesday. stx and sky works. that's david aldrich. maybe we'll give him a jingle. he's probably not -- i don't know, he probably won't come on
people know not only here in massachusetts, but the people in washington that they're tired and we're tired of business as usual in washington. >> reporter: will brown have to find his candidacy by connecting one on one. his opponent, democrat martha coakley has been criticized for running a complacent campaign, not spending enough on advertising or doing enough retail politicking, but today, coakley rallied with a full house, shaking hands. >> in washington, you want a senator who is going to rule, tackle the tough problems, continue to work for you. >> reporter: president obama coming to town tomorrow to campaign with martha coakley. he's putting a big investment into this race. he's put out a robo call, a web ad as well. so both sides working very hard in these final hours. tuesday is election day. jamie? >> seems to be an indication of what's at stake. molly, thank you so much. live for us following the campaigns. >> and here now for a fair and balanced debate on the massachusetts senate race, democratic consultant nick and former communications director for republican senator
on the way. >> debra washington becomes the sole protector of the bible in the latest movie. >> dr. kim is here to answer your pet questions. get new selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch fighters target scalp itch while five moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. >> it is 9:19 a m deborah owens is talking about financial empowerment for women. it starts with the purse. you have written this wonderful book. deborah owens joins us now. i want to start with this concept you talk about, which is that women have a counterfeit purse. >> what i mean that that is many women look apart and spent a lot of money -- they look the part, but are not filling up their purse with anything of value. the purse is a metaphor. it is a metaphor for wealth, because it is probably one of our most intimate tools, and the way to talk about financial literacy is talk about their purse. >> in it is so smart. >> you talk about why this is key to women. it is so important for women to hear this, which is first that women are making more than 50% and they are half of the work
. >>> thousands of people missing after tuesday's earthquake in haiti. we go live to washington to hear from a former u.s. aid worker searching for missing friends as well as former co-workers and loved ones. ♪ you're the one ♪ who's born to care this life was protected... ♪ seems you've always been right there ♪ this life was saved... ♪ soothing sadness ♪ healing pain and this life was made easier... ♪ making smiles appear again because of this life. nursing. at johnson & johnson, we salute all those who choose the life... that makes a difference. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference morning because my back hurt so bad. >>> four days after that devastating earthquake in haiti, and there are still signs of life in the rubble. in that country our anderson cooper is there in port-au-prince. we understand, anderson, you were actually at a location where people are hearing signs of life from a young girl? >> reporter: yeah. if this turns out to be true, incredible after all of this time, there are still people alive underneath the runnel. i'm way group from the l.a. county
is yet to be found. >>> in washington, no final deal reached on health care reform. democrats are hoping to finalize the plan this weekend. >>> meantime, the president is heading to massachusetts this weekend in an attempt to salvage the senate race there. republican victory in the race to fill the seat of the late senator edward kennedy would deprive democrats the 60 votes needed to pass health care reform in the senate. polls show scott brown leading attorney general martha coakley 50% to 46% though it is a stickle tie. that election is held on tuesday. >>> a check on the forecast across the country. to do that, here's nbc's meter option bill karins. good morning to you. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. i want to update everyone on weather condition across the country. the main concern today down here in the deep south. a lot of heavy rain heading up through the florida panhandle, tall has l tallahassee and panama city. minor flooding on the roads, not a huge ordeal. through the next 24 to 48 hours the rain spreads up the coast along with the storm. so the mid-atlantic into the n
with president obama in about an hour and a half in the oval office then come out about 11:00 here in washington to the rose garden and announce a joint effort of bipartisanship. president clinton has a long history in haiti. the u.s. envoy to haiti, actually and actually honeymooned there with secretary of state hillary clinton back in 1975. got a long fascinatitecinatiofa spoken of haiti many times. george w. bush will join him in this effort. a lot of activity in the united states as this effort to mobilize moves forward. in florida, the vice president will travel with the secretary of state of homeland security, janet napolitano. visiting the haitian-american community there, and also an air base serving as a staging area for a lot of the relief effort, and in haiti, secretary of state hillary clinton herself now on her way to haiti. she intends to meet with the president there. rene preval. ed pret finally spoke with him yesterday by telephone after two unsuccessful attempts in the aftermath of the earthquake. an illustration how difficult communications have been and getting through to hai
this with it washington post editor. >> i describe myself after i left congress as a recovering congressman. >> fred grandy represented iowa for four terms. since 2003 he has been hurt every morning on wbal talk radio. he is our guest this sunday night on c-span. >> middle and high school students, just a few days left to enter the stdent cam contest. sent as a video on one of our country's greatest strengths. -- send it to c-span. all the winning videos will be shown on c-span. make sure to upload your project by midnight on wednesday. >> now can salazar holds a town hall meeting for employees of his department. -- can salazar -- ken salazar holds a town hall meeting. >> i am laura davis, the associate secretary of the interior. it is great to see you here. this is a wonderful occasion for us as we gather here to talk about the work the interior has done in the last year and the agenda president obama and secretary salazar have for the year ahead. having had the privilege to come here with the secretary last year i can tellw3 you i am amazd at whatt( the secretary has accomplished in a short 12 mon
the southeastern tsunami and it's credited for saving so many lives there. kate bolduan joins us from washington with more. >> hey there, fredricka. this is pretty interesting. what do you do when a massive disaster strikes as it has in haiti and dmuncation systems are almost completely wiped out in those critical hours early on? that's where some high-definition mapping technology comes into play. we have a demonstration for some of the high-tech data in eastern tennessee and how it could be key in assisting disaster relief. what are we looking at now? >> here what you're looking at is distribution of population in this region, impacted area. each cell represents roughly a kilometer by rkilometer. >> each box is 1 kilometer. >> the intensity of the cloor indicates how many people are likely to be there. haiti has about 9,35,000 official people number reported there. you can see most of the people are concentrated in po port-au-prince and the area that is high shaking from the impact. >> you use this model to help during the tsunami in indones n independeindonesia. the u.s. government reaches o
from washington. we've seen presidents come together in the past to raise money and i imagine this is very much along those same lines. >> reporter: we've heard president obama really emphasize the important jan of the first 72 hours, the emergency aid getting to that country to haiti. but now he's going to turn the corner, he'll talk about long term aid and what people can do, how they can contribute personally as well as corporations to reach out and make sure that the well being of the haitians is really taken care in a long term kind of way. he has invited former presidents bill clinton as well as george w. bush to come here, meet in the oval office about 10:30 this morning to talk about this idea and to put out this plan. and this is not a new plan per se. there's already been something that is in the works, a model, if you will, of president obama taking a page from president bush. it was back when the tsunami hit indonesia as well as hurricane katrina hitting new orleans, it was president bush that got together former presidents bill clinton and his father george h.w. b
generator? >> look, one of the axioms in washington once you have a spending program that never goes away. another axiom we should ask is one should put a "temporary tax increase" in place and that never goes away. there are surtaxes that congress renews every two, three years when they need to, that keep going on forever. it's like -- think of it as a toll road. if you live near a toll road and the toll was originally put in to pay for construction of the road, chances are the toll is there. years and decades after the roads has been paid for. it's like with any other tax. there is no way congress will forgo the revenue once they're used to receiving iit. >> a great analogy. i'll leave it there. ryan elliellis. ronald reagan famously said, the states formed the federal government and not the other way around, but the federal government has forgotten that. next, judge andrew napolitano on the federal government and the rights when we come right back. according to the epa, the air in your home can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pe
on a felony gun charge puts the high school career of gilbert arenas in jeopardy. the washington wizard star arrived at superior court this afternoon. prosecutors say arenas and a teammate threatened to kill each other over a gambling debt. and both had guns in the locker room. arenas remains free until sentencing march 26. >>> several reports say tiger woods is getting treatment for a sexual addition. television station wlbt in jackson, mississippi reports woods is at this rehabilitation facility in hattysburg. the world's number one golfer took an indefinite break from golf. >>> an emotional reunion took place today in the middle of hudson river. it was the one year anniversary of the crew from the hudson. they toasted at the spot where the plane went down and reflected on being together one year later. >> this is a great opportunity to be together, and being able to say thank you to the crew. it was a sequence of miraclous events that day. >> the crew of flight 1549 is now helping to raise money for the american red cross and it's relief efforts in haiti. >>> some ravens fans have the hel
coverage on haiti continues. we're going to go to brian wilson in washington for kelly.
of this exercise for the finance minister g-20 meeting in april in washington and then will go to the leaders in june and fit works well -- it has to work well -- it will show what goes well and what in the global economy is impossible to show what has to be changed and hopefully the government willing -- have enough good will to say, okay. we have to make an effort, the effort has to be shared, the burden-sharing problem will be of course very difficult but everybody facing the fact that the decision made by the different actors are not consistent, it -- a decisions will have to be made to try to avoid different possibility of crises. so the idea is strong, as i said strong, sustainable and balanced, strong growth, means where are the new sources of growth, and, certainly, in developing and emerging countries but again it doesn't match that easily and also you have the discussion about green economy and new sources of this but there is a long way between speeches of the green economy and the fact that really -- it really produces jobs. then you have the sustainable question, which is directl
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